• Question: whos got the biggest brain???

    Asked by em210198 to Cesar, Emily, Jamie, Kate, Philippa on 19 Jun 2011.
    • Photo: Emily Robinson

      Emily Robinson answered on 15 Jun 2011:

      I hope none of us!!! Sometimes having a big brain means something is wrong. For example if you hold too much water in your brain it is bad for it and can give you brain damage. Also if you hit your head very badly (eg. in a car crash) your brain can swell and because there is nowhere for your brain to go as your skull is a rigid box it gets damaged. This swelling can also happen to an extent after stroke, therefore some of my research is looking at this in relation to inflammation and the immune system.

    • Photo: Kate Clancy

      Kate Clancy answered on 15 Jun 2011:

      Exactly, Emily! I hope my brain is sized just right :).

      If you’re asking who is the smartest among us, I’m guessing we’re all tied. We all have our specialties but from interacting with these folks and reading their answers to your questions, I would say that the students and scientists in this program are all quite smart!

    • Photo: Jamie Gallagher

      Jamie Gallagher answered on 19 Jun 2011:

      Hi em,

      I agree we are most likely all tied. One person who had a bit of an edge is Einstien- the part of the brain that deals with mathematical thinking was 15%wider in his brain than average. Good job he didn’t take up painting instead! Seems he found his calling.

    • Photo: Philippa Demonte

      Philippa Demonte answered on 19 Jun 2011:

      @em210198 The blue whale? That’s just a guess!