• Question: What was your inspiration

    Asked by flydd96 to Emily, Kate on 24 Jun 2011.
    • Photo: Kate Clancy

      Kate Clancy answered on 24 Jun 2011:

      Thanks, Flydd. Where do I even begin? It depends on what you are asking about — my inspiration for being a scientist, for being a professor, for being in this IAS project.

      For being a scientist and professor, my inspiration was the knowledge that things in women’s health were going terribly, terribly wrong, and if more people didn’t try to change the way the medical system understands and treats women, it would only get worse. I just had to be one of the people to do research into differences in women’s biology, in order to show the mistakes that were being made by treating women all the same, or by seeing them as diseased if they didn’t fit a narrow idea of normal.

      My inspiration for I’m a Scientist is all the cool people I follow on Twitter. I am a scientist, and I am a blogger, and I thought my outreach ended there. I write to thousands of people on my blog. But I really only reach adults who already care about science. I wanted to impact younger people, people who were curious about human biology but didn’t know anything about it, or people who didn’t really think they like science.

      Because I teach at university and I have met too many students who absolutely hate science. We need to give people good experiences with science so they can see how it can transform your life, make you a curious, skeptical, intelligent person, and fill you with knowledge, wonder and love for the world around us.