• Question: Do you often get time to yourself or are you always busy with science?!!

    Asked by clogerina01 to Kate, Philippa, Cesar, Emily, Jamie on 19 Jun 2011. This question was also asked by icrymyselftosleep, chloeffion123.
    • Photo: Kate Clancy

      Kate Clancy answered on 15 Jun 2011:

      I don’t really get much time to myself, but I have kinda set it up that way on purpose.

      Here is my day:
      6am wake up with husband and daughter, get ready for the day
      7:30am drive daughter to daycare
      8am in office working, by myself except when I have meetings or teach
      12pm break for lunch
      12:30pm in office working, by myself except when I have meetings or teach
      5:30pm pick up daughter
      6pm make dinner
      8pm put daughter to bed
      8:30pm go to roller derby practice
      11pm get home and either go to bed or do an hour or so of work

      So my only “alone time” is when I am at work, in my office, with the door closed! That happens a lot in the summer when I’m not teaching, but almost never during the school year.

    • Photo: Jamie Gallagher

      Jamie Gallagher answered on 15 Jun 2011:

      Hi hi,
      Well I dont get to much time to myself- but I’m not always doing science. Right now it is about 10pm and I am just home. After work I was teaching a salsa class. My alone time will be spent answering some of your questions which is great fun anyway! I like that you all get me thinking about unusual things.

      I normally finish work at 5 or 6 and then I do whatever I want. Lots of time for fun, right now It is dinner time!

    • Photo: Cesar Lopez-Monsalvo

      Cesar Lopez-Monsalvo answered on 18 Jun 2011:

      I have time for myself most of the time. But again, at least in my case, science is part of my everyday life. If I get bored in the tube, or while traveling on a plane, or sitting on a mountain, or walking around, many times out of the blue I found myself thinking about some science.

    • Photo: Philippa Demonte

      Philippa Demonte answered on 19 Jun 2011:

      @clogerina01 It generally depends on my work load and deadlines, but I definitely get more time to myself now I’m involved in science than I ever did when I was working in the music business!

    • Photo: Emily Robinson

      Emily Robinson answered on 19 Jun 2011:

      Well this one is a tricky one to answer as it depends a lot on what exactly I am doing in my PhD at any one time. For example the last 2 and 1/2 weeks I have been very very busy with an experiment that took up all my spare time (except for the few moments which I spent trying to answer some of your questions!) 🙂
      . So I went to uni everyday and at weekends for very long hours and the only ‘alone’ time was to sleep or eat. But I don’t mind doing that kind of silly amount of work for a short while as I know that it is what is needed for my experiments at the time and that I will get back to normal soon enough. So the next few months I won’t have to do extra hours at work and will be able to leave at about 6pm each day if I wanted to… although I must admit at times I will stay later as I know I work better when I get on a roll.
      It all depends on how productive I feel I have been during the day. Sometimes though my flatmate or boyfriend have to kindly remind me that I need to have a better work-life balance and I realise that I have been doing a little too much extra hours, so I then try and shake things up. But it really is up to me how I organise my time. My boss would probably tell me off if he thought I was getting stressed and doing too many hours… he believes in having ‘happy’ PhD students as they will produce better work in the end.

      Are you thinking about being a scientist? Do you think you would put a few extra hours into doing something that you loved or do you agree with my boss that it might be better to have time for yourself too?