• Question: Do you ever think its weird how we are all alive??

    Asked by ambybaby to Kate on 17 Jun 2011.
    • Photo: Kate Clancy

      Kate Clancy answered on 17 Jun 2011:

      Yes, actually, all the time. I think how weird it is that I am me, not someone else, that I was born where I was and had the privileges and opportunities I have had. And I think about how my perspective on life has changed, how I used to never want to be old, and how now I want to live as long as possible so I can see my beautiful daughter grow up.

      And in a broader sense, I think about the happy accidents and mutations, the environmental constraints, all the random and weird and cool things that led to us being human. And I’m glad we turned out the way we did!

      Why do you ask? Do you have any of the same thoughts as me?